Cargo Express Village

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Building Infrastructure Motorsport

Client: Bahrain Airport Company

Consulting engineer: Egis

Period: 14 months

Completion: Mar 2024

Price: $30,500,000

Construction, Completion, Testing & Commissioning and Handing over Landside and associated Infrastructure Works, Central Utilities, FEDEX Warehouse (including fit-out), WH-2, WH-3 AND WH-4 including the Infrastructure Works.

Landside Works:

  • Landside Access Road from Al Rayya highway
  • Car Parking
  • Truck Parking
  • Security Guard House (CEV entrance)
  • Two (2) Power Substations (CEV-A1 and CEV-A2)
  • Warehouse 1: FedEx Warehouse and its associated fit-out works (including security cabin and car parking)
  • Central Utilities Building (CUB)Works:
  • Water Tanks and Pumping station
  • Necessary utilities required to operate the airside and landside of the CEV
  • Potable Water Break Tank and Pumping Chamber (main entrance)
  • Sewage Lifting Station
  • Utility Networks (potable water, firefighting water, sewage, storm water (drainage), electrical HV/LV, street lighting, ICT (FO)

Airside Works:

  • Airside Security Wall with associated works (lighting and security systems)
  • Emergency Gate
  • Airside roads and yard

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