King Hamad Highway (Durrat Al Bahrain)

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Client: Ministry of Works & Housing

Consulting engineer: High Point Rendel

Period: 24 months

Completion: Dec 2007

Price: $60,000,000

The Durrat Al Bahrain Highway is the biggest road project undertaken in Bahrain for over 20 years. The 27km dual carriageway connects the national road network at the south of ALBA to the new multi billion dollar Durrat Al Bahrain development in the south of the island.

The project is cut through rock terrain and has necessitated the use of rock blasting to achieve the desired construction levels. The need to move several million m3 of material has required the use of massive amounts of plant and equipment. Included in the scheme are five bridges, 80m long, constructed from precast pretensioned super Y beams. Cebarco will cast the bridge beams on site in its own specially developed casting yard. This has been made necessary due to the significant size of the beams (40m long over 70 tonnes in weight).

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